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Soet Society Cafe

SoetSocietyCafeDurbanville coffee shop

Soet Society Cafe is a vibrant coffee shop.

We are proud to serve “the best cappuccino in town!”

Senzo our barista create every coffee, chai latte or red cappuccino with skill and perfection, not to mention the coffee art.

Some coffee shops are nestled in hidden alcoves or perched between a bookshop and a boutique. Some are stranded in the middle of busy office blocks and some are straining for air in crowded malls. But the coffee shop-cum-bakery Soet Society Cafe sits on the corner of Durbanville’s Oxford Street and Wellington Road like a bold fashion statement. The colourful stripes on the walls welcome passers-by with the promise of a cheerful cup of coffee ─ and then some.

Soet Society Cafe is the culmination of years of fervent dreaming and passionate industriousness. Leigh Leonard and Zillah Brits have taken their concept store to a new level of innovation, charm and delectable comfort.
This exceptional endeavour skilfully combines their love of good coffee, great food, fashion and interior design. The artful fusion of chic elegance and rustic cosiness gives Soet Society Cafe an enchanting atmosphere. It is a meeting place where coffee connoisseurs, friends, mothers, business people, fashionistas and décor enthusiasts come to indulge in the impressive variation of Soet Society Cafe services.

Being so passionate about what they do, Zillah and Leigh put careful thought into every detail of this venture. They are committed to serving quality, fresh food and have compiled a menu with “creative but casual” meals, putting their creative stamp on traditional favourites. A perfect example is the unique 100% beef burger, with a homemade patty filled with secret ingredients. And of course the fouda cheese ─ a delightful discovery which falls somewhere between gouda and feta. It is made exclusively by Zillah’s father on his Garden Route farm and is only served at Soet Society Café.

For those who can’t resist a piece of cake, breakfast and lunch are complimented by the café bakery’s treats. The cafe boasts a perfectionist barista and a dedicated baker, who starts the day in the early hours to provide a variety of heavenly cakes such as the exquisite baked Chocolate cheesecake.


Contact 021 9755294 or email info@soetemporium.co.za for bookings.
For Cake orders email: treat@soetemporium.co.za